About Us

We are a family company, founded and operated by the Snell family in 2016 and 100% ‘Made in the USA’. Our inventors are father (Eric) and sons (Jackson and Warren). All engineering designs are by Jackson, a high school and college student and a weekly gigging percussionist since he was 8. Patents and designs are originated by older son, Warren. Marketing, advertisements, and web design are by the youngest sister, Mallory with the help of sister Bethany. Mom, Carrie, handles the purchasing and oversees the production of our fabric products with local seamstresses. Production of 3D printed products are overseen by father, Eric. Schnell Percussion LLC is one of multiple companies the family operates that focus on US production 3D printing and US made fabric products. It is their unique approach to 3D printing and US made products that allows Schnell Percussion to launch such a broad range of innovative products. In a world of Chinese imports and generic ‘knock-offs’, Schnell Percussion offers a fresh approach to product design and manufacturing.