C4 Tube Shaker

C4 Tube Shaker

– A tube shaker with a lot of personality!
– 4 tracks create both a channel for mallets/sticks and control
– Can connect 2+ shakers end-to-end with the Dual Adapter (not included)
– Can add a GrenEgg into both ends for a more complex sound palate
– Adding 2 GrenEggs also provides a barbell side-to-side effect
– Connect nearly any of our percussion items to the ends for all new sounds
– Select from several diverse versions of our C4 Shakers

3 Versions:
Live (short and nimble but with a crisp and loud sound)
Smooth (long version with a a full smooth sound)
Rock (long version with a natural rock fill)

Attaches To:
Dual Adapter (link)
M24 Handle (link)
Four Way Adapter (link)

Packages Available:
– C4 Live (Short)
– C4 Smooth (Long)
– C4 Rock (Long)
– C4 Live + 2 GrenEggs (Studio)