Hi-Hat Kit

Hi-Hat Kit

Create your own shaker/tamb/seed pod blend for your Hi-Hat
A great retail item or starter kit!
Offers dozens of unique sound blends
All components interlock with the Perc Lock system

Kit includes over 10 items to mix-n-match:

  • 10 Togo NutZ (low pitch seed pods)
  • 10 Uyot NutZ (high pitch seed pods)
  • 2 Shockwaves (dual set tambourines)
  • Maraca head (little boy) – smooth even sound
  • HE GrenEgg (small caxixi)
  • Large Hi-Hat adapter (holds nearly all items at same time)
  • Triple Hi-Hat adapter (holds 3 items)
  • 2 lock pins
  • Each percussion item plays as a stand-alone item for hand performance
    Maraca head is ideal as large egg shaker
    Box insert showcases a few of the ways you can connect the parts

    Great gift for new percussionists and professionals alike