What it means to be a Schnell Artist

Schnell Percussion Artist Relations

Schnell Percussion is a family company and we want our endorsed artists to feel a part of that family.
We strive to maintain an open line of communication with our artists. Making top quality products that
constantly evolve and improve is our top priority and we can’t do that without honest feedback from
our artists. Our goal is to support a mutually beneficial relationship that helps the images of both
Schnell and our artists by ensuring all parties represent each other in the best light possible.

What We Request from Our Artists:
– Represent Schnell in a positive light
– Promote your relationship with Schnell whenever given the opportunity
– Use our products regularly in studio, on tour, and in clinics
– Share your interest and experience with Schnell products with others
– Provide us with a testimonial of your reasons for partnering with Schnell for your bio
– Provide 5 (or more) social media posts each year of you using our products
– Provide us with your 5 (or more) favorite combinations and/or ways to use our products
– We include select artists to help us in the product development
– Remain active performers and/or educators in the industry
– Keep Schnell updated with changes in your career such as new albums, groups, clinics, etc..
– Read and sign an artist agreement

What We Provide our selected Artists:
– A selection of free products
– Discount on all other products
– A selection of free apparel

What is NOT Included in our Relationship:
– Schnell does not pay our artist to perform or appear. We are not a booking agent or
management agency.
– Schnell does not typically promote our artist in our advertisements. Instead we primarily
promote our artists in social media and publications.

Becoming One of our Endorsed Artists:
If you are familiar with our products and feel they represent the ideal percussion line for your
needs, you are welcome to apply to become one of our endorsed artists. Only artists that have
active and successful careers will be reviewed. The final decision is solely at the discretion of
the Schnell employees. Artists can apply by contacting our ‘contact’ email.